Sunday, February 22, 2009


This afternoon at 2 PM my sister-in-law Amanda and nephew Christopher, my other two nephews Josh and Jake, my mom, and Logan and I went to the historic Struthers Library Theatre in Warren, PA to see the original comedy production by Craig Sodaro of "Aladdin.For those of you who have children that act in these kinds of things, please don't take this the wrong way, but these plays are only really any good if you have children that are in them, lol, and I'd guess the average age of the participants for this production was 11 or 12.

But my granddaughter (4) and nephew Christopher (5) just loved it. There aren't many things that grab these two little Energizer Bunnys' attention for longer than a few minutes, but for over an hour they were enthralled. We sat in the third row so they had a great view and the fact that it was live human beings they were watching I think is what really grabbed them. Logan actually said that she wanted to be on stage (uh-oh) doing what those big kids were doing, Christopher not so much, lol.

Here's a little history about the Struthers Library Theatre taken directly from their website, which you can visit by clicking HERE:

"Built in 1883, the Struthers Library Theatre is the 18th oldest continuously operating legitimate theatre in the United States, and was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1975. One of the most stunning historic theatres in Northwest Pennsylvania, the Struthers Library Theatre graces the corner of Liberty Street and Third Avenue West in the heart of Warren’s Historic District. Laudable natural acoustics, a grand proscenium stage, and 977 seats between the house floor and a sweeping balcony make the Struthers Library Theatre an extraordinary venue in which to experience live theatre, films, concerts and lectures."

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

I'm sure it was worth going, Jackie,--just to see the kids' faces. Glad the two little ones enjoyed it. I'm sure, all in all, it was a nice,family outing.. That theater looks gorgeous.

Have a great day tomorrow.