Monday, April 26, 2010


What HAS been going on? Well, I'll tell ya! ~~~ A whole lot of normalcy, lol. Since my last "informational" post, we have pretty much been just hangin' out at the house and driving each other crazy.

During the first part of March the weather was definitely the deciding factor as to what we were doing any particular day. Like on this day it was in the high 70's and Leyna, Logan, Ciara and I decided to kick off the summer early by having a picnic. Not too many times you can say your first picnic of the year started in March, March 11, 2010 to be exact! Ahhhh...nothing says summer is fast approaching like eating lunch on your picnic table surrounded by melting snow! Logan and Ciara were just a tad excited about getting outta the house!

Then of course we blinked and by the next week it was cold enough again to bundle up. Ciara is fast catching up to Logan with her farming and gardening skills. Her major excitement has been going down to the barn with Logan and her Papa to feed the cows or ride on Papa's big tractor, and both she and Logan are fantastic helpers! These next pics are of Ciara helping Roger turn over the garden getting it ready for our next warm spell to plant.

On March 25th, Roger, Ciara and I left to spend a week down in Charlotte, NC with Roger's mom. While there Ciara met for the first time her Aunt Rhonda, Uncle Rick and cousin Bria, her Aunt Faye, Uncle Ron and cousins Ron, Nick, Lydia and Eve, and finally her Uncle Bill and cousin Billy. Ciara proudly claimed ALL of her new family as her very own, for example, My Faye or My Rhonda, lol. Unfortunately her mother can only claim memory loss as I did forget to take my camera just about everywhere on this trip!

Also while in Charlotte we got to visit Jaclyn and Patrick and their four kids, Liam, Neve, Flynn and their newest addition Jemma. Jemma you may remember from THIS POST.Ciara and Jemma are only a month apart and were in the same orphanage in China. Ciara came home in September and Jemma in December. We're not sure if they remembered each other, but we all got to spend the afternoon together comparing life post adoption. I really hated to leave so soon, but as luck would have it (or was it?), I accidentally left Ciara's bag at their house. So the next day on our way to Roger's sister's house, which happened to be only two miles from where Patrick (or Snippy as I like to call him) and Jaclyn's house is, we stopped to pick up the bag. While there Jaclyn asked if I was doing anything the next afternoon, which our plans had just fell through, so Ciara and I got to get together with Jaclyn, Flynn and Jemma for a China group playdate at a park near their home. I think there were about 10 little girls there; most from China, 1 or 2 from Vietnam. Ciara had a great time playing with them all. Pictures were taken...just not by me! Jaclyn is going to send me any pics she gets (Right, Jaclyn?), so when I get 'em, you'll see 'em! I did manage the last day we were in Charlotte to remember to take my camera outta my suitcase and I did take some pictures of Ciara with my mother-in-law's dog Coco, and then some in her backyard :)

Is it just me, or am I the only one that has an unusual amount of pics with my daughter in various cages?

This group of pictures was taken at a park just down the road from my mother-in-law's house.

So this is what's been goin' on in March. April's post will be coming soon!


Anonymous said...

It sounds like you had a busy March. I remember seeing most of these pictures on Facebook. I did enjoy seeing them a second time, though! I think the pictures from Charlotte are new to me. At least I don't remember seeing them before. Looking forward to your April update.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Jackie, SO glad to hear from you.. I've missed you.. Cannot believe how fast Ciara is growing.... Mercy!!!!!

Glad you got to make the trip to Charlotte. I'm sure that was wonderful... Hope you do get some pictures of the 2 Chinese children together. That is so special.

Yes--I like Linda... She and I have been blog friends for awhile now. She's a fabulous photographer. Can't wait to see your pictures --after she does them.

Please keep in touch.

Anonymous said...

It's really cool to read a follow-up comments and see that you are mentioned in the comment! I like you, too, Betsy! Jackie, give me a call anytime to get your pictures taken. We'll be gone the latter part of May, but anytime before or after then.