Wednesday, August 20, 2008


On Sunday night, Leyna and I thought that we would have a picnic on Monday afternoon up at Bergman's Park & Playground in Jamestown, NY, which is only about 7 miles away from us. So earlier on Monday while Roger and I were working, Leyna got the food ready and around 6 PM we all left for the park. As we ate Logan could hardly contain herself. She kept asking us if we were done yet, she had finished only after a couple bites, her appetite disappearing when she saw the playground, lol. We had a really, really nice time. Logan slid down the slides about a million times and Leyna and I had a relaxing ride on the swingsets, although I don't remember getting quite as nauseated when I was younger. And Roger, well, he just followed Logan around. There was that one incident where he tried to pretend she was getting eaten by the dinosaur. Of course, Nanny had the camera to capture all those fun playground memories, lol. Logan is really getting sick of getting her picture taken; can't you tell?

Monday, August 18, 2008


The newest addition to our family is Lilly Mae, who arrived right on schedule on August 8th, 2008, weighing in at a whoppin' 4 lbs. 6 ozs. and was 17 inches long, just a little tike. Congratulations to my cousin Justin and his wife Trish on a job well done (most of that job going to Trish, though, lol). All of the pics below were taken today at my Grandma's house (Betty), Lilly's great-grandma.

From left to right and top to bottom: 1. Trish and Justin and their little girl; 2. Lilly Mae on Grandma Sues' lap high-fivin' the world; 3. Grandma Sues (Justin's mom) and Pappy Gary (Justin's dad) with their first grandchild; 4. Cousins Christopher, McKayla and Logan with Lilly Mae; 5. Lilly Mae; 6. Lilly Mae; 7. Aunt Brittine and Uncle Bryan (Justin's brother); 8. Chris (my youngest brother) and his two kids, Christopher and McKayla; 9. Lilly Mae (sensing a pattern here?); 10. Four generations: Lilly Mae, her daddy (Justin), her grandma (Sues), and her great-grandma (Betty); 11. My mom and dad (Sandy and Wes); 12. My mom, me and my granddaughter Logan May.

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Saturday, August 16, 2008


I'd like to start off this blog by introducing my immediate family to you all, and to do so I thought the best way would be for us all to put our best "hooves" forward and give you all some of the best shots of each of us this year. My family firmly believes in the value of good behavior and manners, and we are the epitome of propriety in all situations. I believe the photos that I've chosen highlight those values and are fine examples of what I've come to expect from them every time they walk out our front door to represent us to the world. It's also what you all can expect from this blog; proper, dignified and above all sensitive to others.

(Above) Here is my beloved Roger as always thinking of others by showing you his best side.

And myself....what can I say???

Absolutely nothing!

Aaahhh, yes, my firstborn Leyna. Ain't she a beauty, folks? lol

And, by the way, all you twenty something, morally sound, stunningly good looking young men, on your way to becoming financially successful and stabile (mentally would be an added bonus, too!), she's available!! And you know who you are! Don't make me get the cattle prod!

And last, but certainly not least, is our precious Logan May. Her pappy, nanny and mommy have taught her everything we know about how to be a refined little girl, always minding her manners (We even sent her for some special instruction with her Uncle Jay), and I am proud to say that it has worked out beautifully! Congrats, family, a job well done!
As you all may know our first and still active blog is, and that is still up and running, but since our adoption process has now moved into the waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting and I don't think I've mentioned the waiting phase, I've decided to switch gears a bit and have now developed a new and improved Sherwood Family Blog for your reading enjoyment. I'm going to take a big time-out from the other site until something new adoption wise happens and focus now on this one. Hopefully I'll learn a few more tricks of the trade and you'll find this new and improved site fun and interesting. I'll be able to post more pics on this site and I'll get to play around with the layouts and all sorts of other goodies. For those of you who are working on your own blogs, I have a list of helpful sites that are just filled with all kinds of widgets, gadgets, banners, buttons, backgrounds, etc.