Wednesday, August 20, 2008


On Sunday night, Leyna and I thought that we would have a picnic on Monday afternoon up at Bergman's Park & Playground in Jamestown, NY, which is only about 7 miles away from us. So earlier on Monday while Roger and I were working, Leyna got the food ready and around 6 PM we all left for the park. As we ate Logan could hardly contain herself. She kept asking us if we were done yet, she had finished only after a couple bites, her appetite disappearing when she saw the playground, lol. We had a really, really nice time. Logan slid down the slides about a million times and Leyna and I had a relaxing ride on the swingsets, although I don't remember getting quite as nauseated when I was younger. And Roger, well, he just followed Logan around. There was that one incident where he tried to pretend she was getting eaten by the dinosaur. Of course, Nanny had the camera to capture all those fun playground memories, lol. Logan is really getting sick of getting her picture taken; can't you tell?

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