Thursday, December 31, 2009


Ciara woke up last night saying that her ear hurt and after a trip to the pediatrician's this morning...yep, you guessed it...she has an ear infection. Nothing major in the scheme of childhood "stuff," but along with the fever that comes with it, it was enough to cancel our plans to go over to our friends Scott and Cathy's house to play games. Ciara and Logan love going over there and playing with their four kinds: Aubrey, Selvie, Hannah and Jordie. They were just as content however to stay home after Leyna and I suggested that we have lasagna for supper and then tackle all the bead sets that both of them got for Christmas. We've really had a good time tonight. Ciara hit the hay at 9 PM and Logan gets to stay up until the proverbial ball drops. Roger snapped off most of these shots so that I got to be in some pictures for a change, lol.

First off, you all better be good in 2010 'cause Logan will have her eye on you!Just figuring out what we're gonna do with all these beads.Mommy and her little snuggle buggleFor 2 1/2 Ciara was pretty good at threading those beads.But she decided to take a break to horse aroundLogan concentrating intently on the task at hand.Ciara gave up threading the beads early and just decided to play with the beads, lolCiara and Mama wearing two of our creationsI did say there were a lot of beadsCiara and her PapaLogan's final projectAside from photographer this evening, Roger was also the pick up man mainly due to Ciara, lolLogie modeling earrings and necklaceRoger had a rough evening and around 10 PM he pooped out on the couch, lol


Monday, December 28, 2009


As I'm sure I've mentioned before, I'm not a let's go outside and have fun in the snow type of person. I don't dislike winter, I don't even mind snow. I just hate being cold!! So when a certain member of my family suggested this morning that we take the kids sled riding, I really was less than thrilled at the I did what I always do in these type of situations (you know, the ones where I don't wanna), I volunteered my husband, and that folks is why he loves me, lol. And this wasn't even ordinary sled riding, this was nighttime sled riding...YIPPEE, EVEN COLDER!!

Logan had spent the night with her Granny Julie who Ciara now lovingly calls JuJu, and Aunt Jamie, Uncle Jay and her cousin Gavin, so we all headed over to their house for the event. I wasn't sure if Ciara was going to like sled riding, it rarely got cold where she lived in China, but we bundled her all up in her new snowsuit that she got for Christmas from my mom and dad and gave it a whirl. And she had a blast. While Logan and her dad were trying to see how far they could make the sled go, Leyna was giving Ciara pushes down the little hill and she at one point was singing the whole way down. Roger stood at the bottom by the house to make sure neither one of them ran into it, lol. I did manage to stay outside for about 15 minutes to get some pictures, though. Go figure!

Ciara and her big sister Leyna comin' down the hill for the first time.

At the end of the first run.Gavin sledding with his Uncle Jesse (Logan's dad)Logan just having fun with her daddy!Now she's guessed it...a snow angel!This little part of Ciara's face stickin' out was the only part of her body that wasn't covered and could possibly even get cold, lolGavin looks like he's having a good time, too!Even the dogs got to playin' in the snowGetting ready for another trip down the hillPapa and daughter taking a rideNow that's all bundled up!Logan is having some issues with the sled, lolCiara just chillin' (pun intended, hehe)Mush, Daddy, mush!The two sisters going back up the hillWEEEEEEEE!!!


With the chaos, disorder and randomness that evolution calls for, you just don't get beauty like this. Creation DEMANDS a creator!!

(NOTE: Please ignore the garbage comment pertaining to the "afterglow of the Big Bang," lol)

Friday, December 25, 2009


Let me start off by saying, that we all are foolish for buying our kids any kind of toys for Christmas because they don't need 'em. Why play with the Wii or XBox 360 or games or puzzles of baby dolls or racetracks when you can play with stuff like what we bought my dad for Christmas? (And I apologize for the poor quality of pictures lately, apparently someone doesn't know how to operate her camera yet.)

First the three littlest cousins decided to play in it.And then their older cousin got in on the action.And even the two oldest cousins couldn't resist the lure of the wheelbarrow.Our family's most precious gift of all this year!Ciara talkin' to her peeps.Like father (and, yes, it was voluntary)Like daughter.A few snacksMy hubby Roger, youngest brother Chris with his mouth full, and my oldest brother Jeff.Brother Chris, niece Lyndsey, granddaughter Logan striking yet another goofy pose, lol, and my sister-in-law Amanda


all in about an hour!