Monday, December 21, 2009


With only four decorating days to go until Christmas, I am almost done, lol (notice I said "decorating" and not shopping 'cause I AM DONE SHOPPING!). I have the main tree almost done, and I guess I do need to get some icicles tomorrow, I love 'em. Some people don't, but I do. There I've said it, I LOVE ICICLES!!! My daughter hates them because she cleans the litterbox for our three cats and she's always finding them in there amongst the rubble, lol. Hey, if they want to eat those icicles, go right ahead. They surely know by now that what goes in must come out.

Leyna and Logan still have to decorate their little tree that they put up in the kids' playroom, but with some help (I use that term loosely) from the two yahoos, Roger managed to get the train together and running the other day.I only just realized when posting these pictures that in this one Logan has the remote control for the train and is about to run that thing right into Roger's foot, lol.On a side note, about ten years ago I started collecting Christmas head bands. I pick a few up usually every year after Christmas when they only cost a couple bucks a piece. When my family gathers for Christmas Eve I bring them along in a basket and spend the evening trying to convince everyone to put one on for a picture. I can always get the kids to wear them, but the adults...well, let's just say that some years they're more cooperative than others, so I'll have to let you know if I get any takers at this year's gathering, lol. I found four new head bands a couple days ago and Logan and Ciara have been trying them out. Here's two pictures of two of them.And this is my whole collection. I really don't see what the problem is with wearing one of these!

I've also taken some photos of some of my favorite ornaments, I collect those, too! Some of these may be repeats from last year's posting, but hey, they're still my favorites!

This is a new one I bought the other day. I try to get at least one every year that actually has the year on it.This is an ornament we bought for my daughter Leyna's first Christmas in 1984. That year it was hung on a little artificial tree in our tiny one bedroom apartment in Edmond, Oklahoma where we were going to school at Oklahoma Christian College.This ornament Leyna made for me when she was in grade school.Now, c'mon, cows are festive, too!If there's an ornament with a cow on it, I'm buying it!No story behind these next three, I just like them.These next three came from some of my family's infamous beach vacations. This one is obviously Virginia Beach.And then Cape Hatteras.And then finally, I got this one as part of a set of four at Myrtle Beach.And of course Santa on a gondola came from Italy. Venice to be exact where my husband and I spent our honeymoon 10 years ago. Wow! Has it been that long?In 2002 Roger, Leyna and I along with my mom and dad and my grandma all went to Ireland the summer after Leyna's graduation from high school. I picked up this one in Dublin.These next two along with two others I recently got during my trip to China to get my daughter Ciara. Although the details of this trip are somewhat foggy (except for details pertaining to Ciara), I do believe I got these in Beijing.And I think it goes without saying anything about this one, lol


Kat said...

Love your have a couple and love to embarrass my teens with've learned though and don't embarrass so easily!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh Jackie, I love this post... Your ornaments are amazing --and there's so much 'history' there--just like mine.

You like cows???? That's neat.. Hope you saw my stuffed animal Christmas Cow I put on a recent blog... NOBODY that I know has a Christmas Cow... He's so cute.

I had to laugh at the train picture. My ex had trains for our 3 sons... HOWEVER, He (ex) liked the trains much more than the boys did... ha ha

Thanks for sharing your 'pretties' with us. I loved seeing them.
Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

I hope you get everyone to wear the headbands; that would be a cute picture. Nice memories your ornaments bring you, as ours bring me. Each year, after Christmas, I carefully wrap each of my ornaments and put them away in a box. I love opening up each wrapper come Christmastime and have the memories of each ornament come back to me. I have a Christmas ball from our trip to the Outer Banks; it has 4 lighthouses on it.

Ken and Sharon said...

Hi Jackie . . . just caught up on your posts! Love the headbands, I would definitely wear one for your picture! Love all the ornament pictures too! How do you find time to blog so much? I'm lucky I was able to put something on mine tonight . . . I need your secret! Merry CHRISTmas! Sharon