Monday, December 28, 2009


With the chaos, disorder and randomness that evolution calls for, you just don't get beauty like this. Creation DEMANDS a creator!!

(NOTE: Please ignore the garbage comment pertaining to the "afterglow of the Big Bang," lol)


Andy and Ana said...

Happy New Year 2010. This is Awesome! Found you through church of Christ face-book. We are baptized member since 78 by way of New England.
We're in N.Calif. Son & family work with New Mexico Christian Children's Home in Portales, New Mexico. Would appreciate fellowship thru our blog.
Sincerely, ana

Andy and Ana said...

The Know it Jackie:) Told Andy to watch it. Your house looks like a great place to be on Christmas full of laughing kids. And grandpa is a hoot. What a spread you put out...SNACK! Yikes, looks good to me...Girl you look like such fun to hang out with:) I'm glad I met you. Now I really am leaving to start my day. Love the great videos, too. An enjoyable, wonderful, wacky visit. Thanks Appreciate you tons, Ana & Andy from 'Our Front Porch' your turn to visit...wait! , let me update it,lol :) ana p.s. when you have *one entered my world* reminds me of Christ coming to us with all of God's Wisdom, Power & Glory *