Friday, December 25, 2009


Let me start off by saying, that we all are foolish for buying our kids any kind of toys for Christmas because they don't need 'em. Why play with the Wii or XBox 360 or games or puzzles of baby dolls or racetracks when you can play with stuff like what we bought my dad for Christmas? (And I apologize for the poor quality of pictures lately, apparently someone doesn't know how to operate her camera yet.)

First the three littlest cousins decided to play in it.And then their older cousin got in on the action.And even the two oldest cousins couldn't resist the lure of the wheelbarrow.Our family's most precious gift of all this year!Ciara talkin' to her peeps.Like father (and, yes, it was voluntary)Like daughter.A few snacksMy hubby Roger, youngest brother Chris with his mouth full, and my oldest brother Jeff.Brother Chris, niece Lyndsey, granddaughter Logan striking yet another goofy pose, lol, and my sister-in-law Amanda

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