Saturday, July 10, 2010


The Wednesday before the 4th after evening Bible Classes, Roger and I along with Ciara drove down to Wal-Mart to get her a new bike. She was beside herself with excitement. Not because she hasn't been riding one all summer because she has. Logan's Granny Julie, who Ciara lovingly calls Ju Ju, had been letting Ciara borrow the bike that Logan had outgrown, but only until Logan's cousin Gavin who is fast approaching three years old was big enough to ride it. Well, that day arrived a couple weeks ago and so Ciara needed another bike. Ciara had a tough decision to make. Should she get the Disney Princesses bike with the horn (not my choice, lol), or go with the Hello Kitty bike with streamers, a cute little removable backpack on the front to store her "stuff," and the best accessory yet, a seat to give your baby a ride? After going back and forth for what seemed forever, and in actuality was only like five minutes, she finally chose......the Hello Kitty bike! Yay!!

Now, if any of you know where we live, you know there is zero, zip, nada, absolutely no place to ride bikes!!! LOL And we can kid ourselves and try to make it sound exciting, but back porches and gravelly driveways just stink for riding bikes.

But one of the best places to ride bikes is parking lots, especially almost brand new blacktopped ones! Say, a church parking lot! So after waiting four more agonizing days, finally on Sunday night, the 4th of July, Ciara got to celebrate by taking her bike with her and riding it to her heart's content. She wiped out no less than five times, but she never cried once (she's a tough little cookie), and I think that girl would've rode that bike back and forth and back and forth all night long had we let her.

And of course I took a few pictures...

Getting ready to leave for Sunday evening worship on the 4th of July!Are we going or what, Mommy?I can't concentrate with you taking pictures all the time, Mommy!My new bike is way cool!Ciara, dear, you have a little confetti ice cream around those sweet lips.So much pavement, so little time.Even though she's only gained 3 pounds since she came home last August and grew about an inch and a half, look how chubby her little legs look in this picture, lol

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Anonymous said...

Cute bicycle! The church parking lot is a great place for Ciara to ride.