Friday, August 13, 2010


As I mentioned a couple months ago, I started a new business called Yogi & Cecil's Clippy Creations, and I make hair clippies. Like these two for example:

Or, these two...And this set...And then these last two from my China Collection.If you want to know the significance of the ladybug to Chinese adoptions, click HERE.Okay, enough of the shameless plugging of my business, now down to the good stuff. Yogi & Cecil's is sponsoring two fundraisers; one for the Rizzo family who are waiting for TA to bring this little beauty home (Amelia)...

And the other fundraiser for the Little family who are also waiting to bring their little jewel home (Ellie).

Okay, this is the part where you all come in so PAY ATTENTION, PLEASE! For every purchase you make at Yogi & Cecil's Facebook page, we're going to be giving these two families 50% of the sales. There is an option set up on my Facebook page for each clippy so you can choose which family's fundraiser you'd like your purchase to go towards. It's...that...simple! To order through Facebook all you do is click on the "Shop Now" button, it's a very simple set up. Oh, and don't forget to hit that little "Like" button to become a fan, that way you'll stay updated of all the new clippies that are added on a regular basis.

Now, for those of you who are not familiar with Facebook and don't wanna be, we have option No. 2 and that is YOGI & CECIL'S BLOG. I have set up a "Chip-In" account for each family. From the blog I will only be taking orders either by email at or through posts on that blog. Once you have placed an order, I will give you your total and then that will be the amount that you will Chip In on either the Little or Rizzo Fundraiser. And, again, don't forget to become a follower or our blog ''s just cool! Now, the blog is still under construction and hopefully will be completely stocked and loaded by Sunday night with all of the inventory and pricing info, so keep checking back!

With your help, the Rizzos and Littles can have a very successful fundraiser to offset some of the costs associated with International Adoption, and as most of you are quite familiar, there are a lot of costs!!! God bless you all!

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