Saturday, June 6, 2009


Leyna and Logan got up this morning and had to be at Chucky Cheese's in Erie at 10 AM for a birthday party for one of Logan's friends up at the Behrend Early Learning Center. So with those two gone for awhile I actually got a lot of work done today, lol. My brother Chris and nephew Christopher came out to our place to cut some wood. Roger had a post or something or other to put in and after he was finished with that he helped Chris with the wood. By about 5 PM we all were back together at home and Roger suggested we go for a walk up in the woods. He wanted to take a look at some of our trees to see if it was getting close to the time we need to timber them, and the fact that he just likes walking in the woods, lol. So we all headed off. Of course, once again, you won't see any pictures of me as I was the one taking them.

This picture here is Roger looking over our garden we planted this year. We got tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, cantaloupe, beans, peas, celery and onions. We also planted in a different spot pumpkins and watermelons and I planted some spinach in a big pot.Logan got her stick and her Pappy; she's ready to start her walk.Leyna forging ahead.Ummm...what's going on with this tree?It looks like lightening struck it! Dangerous, but very cool!Roger, Leyna & Logan making their way through the forest while I pick up the rear. Isn't it the last person in line that always disappears in the movies? Yikes!!Are those turkey tracks?A man on a mission with his dog.This is one mission Pappy must go alone, Logie!Towards the end of our hike, Roger decided to check on the condition of this stream that runs near our house. Looks good!He's a happy man now!Back at the house, Logan enjoys a relaxing swing while taking a much needed drink.Once again, a man with his dog. Notice how Lulu has her back legs crossed.


Jaclyn said...


Ok, the similarities don't stop, similar names, baby girls from Hefei and dogs, both with the name Lulu!

How fun is that. I sure wish we could travel together!

It looks like you guys had a fun day!


Anonymous said...

You had a nice walk in the woods, it would appear. Did Roger decide any trees would be cut down?

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Jackie, Looks like a great famly hike... That tree where the lightning hit is unbelievable.

When do you get your baby??