Thursday, June 25, 2009


When I was in 7th grade, I will confess that I was absolutely obsessed with Charles Angels. In fact, every picture I could get my hands on went on one wall in my bedroom to the point that almost the entire wall was covered from top to bottom with full page magazine pictures to the smallest one inch by one inch ones. So maybe it wasn't so much an obsession with Charles Angels as it was an obsession with pictures of Charles Angels and covering that wall, lol, but no matter I did love that show. I didn't necessarily favor one Angel over another, in fact I was kinda partial to Jaclyn Smith, only because our first names were the same probably. Well, this morning the first of those angels, Farrah Fawcett, has died at the age of 62 and it kinda stinks really. I remember all the girls in school getting their hair cut like her and trying to style it like Farrah's. There was even a girl in the class below mine named Farrah who kinda took a lot of flack for that, go figure! I also remember pretending we were detectives and hiding in doorways in the halls at school and jumping out at people with our pretend guns and using our super fighting skills. Farrah sure was cool then!

Michael Jackson also passed away today at the age of 50, and although he will always be remembered for his musical brilliance, sadly he will also be remembered for his many eccentricities and shameful behaviors. To be honest, I have thoroughly loved his music through the three decades that I have been listening to it and at times have felt pity for what his life had become. Fame of the magnitude he experienced does bring immense wealth, notoriety, instant gratification and millions of adoring fans, but it is almost always accompanied with isolation and loneliness. I just thought that I'd post my favorite Michael Jackson photo from the Black or White era. I personally thought he looked his best during this time period and it just may be my favorite Michael Jackson song, too!

If you'd like to watch the video to Black or White, just click HERE!


PA_Shutterbug said...

You know how people remember where they were when they heard that JFK had been shot? Well I will remember what I was doing when I learned that Michael Jackson was dead. I was clicking the "next blog" button and coming up with photographs of Michael Jackson, blog after blog. Each blog was written in a foreign language. After half a dozen or so pictures of Michael Jackson, I wondered what was up. I navigated over to yahoo and learned, much to my shock, that Michael Jackson was dead.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Jackie, I loved Farrah also --and followed her all through the years. Did you see the Barbara Walters special about her last night on ABC??? VERY nice. Ryan O'Neal was absolutely crazy about her. I don't know what he'll do without her.

I was never a Michael Jackson fan --espeically when he turned into a weirdo. Sorry his death is taking up ALL of the news today --and has covered up Farrah's death. Oh Well.