Thursday, July 2, 2009


Prayerfully within the next 6-8 weeks, I'm going to be in China with my mom meeting my daughter for the first time. In light of this unbelievable blessing/gift my husband and I are about to receive from an amazingly loving God, I thought it only fitting that I have my first and hopefully not last GIVEAWAY to show my appreciation for all the love and support you all have given to me in the last two years during our adoption journey. The gift will be something that I will get in China, and of course I don't know what that is yet, lol.

Now, anyone can enter and hopefully all of you will participate (it always makes things more fun when you actually have entries, lol), and there will be several ways to enter, and hopefully you'll take advantage of all of them.

1. You'll be given one entry for just leaving a comment to this post.

2. You'll be given one entry by mentioning this giveaway on your own blog, telling me that you've done so by leaving a comment to this post.

3. You'll be given one entry by posting a link on your blog to my blog, telling me that you've done so by leaving a comment to this post.

4. You'll be given one entry for every other site you have that you mention this giveaway on, i.e., Facebook, MySpace, etc., telling me that you've done so by leaving a comment to this post.

5. (ADDENDUM) For those of you who receive these posts through your email, just leave a comment by replying to the email.


Entries will be taken for my very first giveaway up to the day I leave for China. And, folks, we're going to pick the winner the old fashioned way. Depending on how many times you're entered, your name will be written on slips of paper and put into something. My very new and very beautiful daughter Ciara is going to pick the winner and I'm going to videotape it and post the winner on a day to be announced sometime very soon after we get back from China!!!



Sophia's Mama and Baba said...

Sweet jackie i will play along. I can't wait to see you in China.
Iposted to Facebook about your give away now I am off to my blogs.. I love Give Aways!

Sophia's Mama and Baba said...

OK Jackie I posted to both of my blogs... can't wait

Jaclyn said...

What a great idea Jackie! I'm in!

Will post to my blog and let you know when I do later today!

Heather said...

Alright miss Jackie, I'm in!!! Of course I would want something from China!! I'm still so jealous that you are going without me, but we may not be that far behind!! I'll email you details later on what God is doing! Miss talking to you!!
H. Reeves

Lisa said...

What journey is truly amazing. One we hope to be on very soon. I posted your link on my facebook and myspace.

~elise said...

I'm in! Can't wait until I get to read your blog while you are traveling! I LOVE hearing about the trips to China nd the families being made!


Jaclyn said...

Check out my blog :)

Sarabeth Hudson said...

I'm in! Clicked through from another's website! I've watched other journeys to China and back with beautiful children. Yours will be no less amazing! Best of luck for your travels.

Sarabeth Hudson