Monday, October 20, 2008


On October 16th, 1963, two people got married, my mom and dad, and 45 years later there's now 18 of us.

I found a card that said everything about our family, and about my mom and dad.

"The story of our family is made up of many things---from silly jokes to good-nite kisses, from nicknames to summer vacations, from hard good-byes to the most joyous homecomings. The story of our family is made up of love and time and memory...all the things that really matter. And at the heart of our story will always be the two of you."

We all got together for dinner and to celebrate. My brother Shawn and daughter Leyna are missing, they had to work. Below is the "posed" picture.

And this is the truer to life picture, lol
Leyna not pictured is the oldest grandchild at 24, and Lyndsey is next at 15, and her brother Shane is 13.
Next is McKayla who is 10, Josh who is also 10, Jake who is 8, Christopher who is 5, and then the first great grandchild is Logan who is 3
In this day and age when over 50 percent of the population chooses to not stay married just because, I am more grateful the older I get that my parents "stuck" together. Thanks for the example, Mom and Dad. I love you!

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