Thursday, October 2, 2008

Put On Those Tappin' Shoes

Last week Leyna and I took Logan to the DeMarco Sisters dance studio for an orientation for tap dancing lessons. We were kinda surprised because to say the least, it did not go very well. We were led to believe, or perhaps we just assumed, that it wouldn't be a real lesson, just a get-together for the kids to meet each other and their dance instructor. We were wrong, and of course Logan had not got her "outfit" or tap shoes yet and she was less than thrilled to be the ONLY one without a costume, lol. She wouldn't participate, barely went into the dance studio, and if the instructor hadn't left the door to the room open, she wouldn't even have seen what was going on. When we left that night, Logan threw what could only be called a trantrum in front of the rest of the parents, because she was so disappointed she did not get to dance and did not have an outfit like everyone else. Leyna and I felt like absolute garbage, and we really didn't know if she was going to want to go back, but.........Tonight was Logan's first tap dancing lesson, and she was just beaming from ear to ear. She had her "outfit," she had her tap shoes and she had a blast. She walked right into the studio, she did everything as she was told (very well I might add), there were no tears, and she had a great time just dancing. As I was watching TV tonight I leaned over and noticed several scuff marks on my brand new hardwood floors that could only have come from those blasted tap shoes, but it's all good 'cause I know one little girl who is upstairs right now blissfully sleeping and dancing in her dreams.

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