Monday, April 6, 2009


Roger, Logan, Lulu (our new puppy, lol) and I all left last Wednesday morning to visit Roger's mom and sibs in Charlotte, North Carolina. Let me first say that traveling with a four year old and a five month old puppy can be and was an adventure itself. All in all Logan and Lulu did extremely well without the benefit of a DVD player, Ipod or anything else to entertain them but each other. Of course Lulu really wouldn't have had any use for either the DVD player or Ipod, lol, but she did have Logan pestering her relentlessly the whole trip. We had a very nice visit and arrived home Sunday evening around 9:30 PM. Roger got to spend a lot of time reminiscing with his two sisters and brother, and Logan got to know two of her cousins (Bria and Lydia) a lot better as she had never them before. Below are some pictures of the girls dressing up and performing their "routine" that the oldest of the three, Lydia, taught them.

Cowgirl Up, Bria & Logan!Lydia teaching her two younger cousins some cool moves.There's a Joker in every crowd, and this trio was no exception!Roger at the bowling alley with his niece Bria and granddaughter Logan.Even Lulu had a playmate to visit with...Cocoa!Lulu trying to adjust to her new surroundings, lol.


PA_Shutterbug said...

It looks like Logan and her cousins had a great time together.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh those precious kids.... Jackie--you have your hands full with all of those little ones around and a new puppy also... Bless You my Child!!!! ha ha

Hope you enjoyed Charlotte.