Saturday, April 11, 2009


This year we didn't get too fancy, just dropped them in the dye and waited for them to turn to colored eggs. No tye dyed, no swirls, no glitter, just the basics. Christopher and Logan are still young enough that they don't need all that fancy stuff, and McKayla tried to dye 1/2 an egg one color and 1/2 another color to keep herself amused. She also kinda made some swirlies on two of her eggs, so at least she was entertained for the whopping 45 minutes it took to color four dozen eggs. These three really did have fun and they were all quite proud of themselves, and yet again another memory for them to share.

McKayla mixing the colors up.Ooooo, Ahhhh.Christopher taking time out for a photo-op with his Mommy (Amanda) standing behind him.McKayla and Christopher mulling over what colors to dip into next.Logan showing how she can multi-task by getting your picture taken while dropping your egg in the color at the same time.Everyone is having a good time!McKayla's creations.Logan likes a lot of color on her eggs.So many colors, so little time.Christopher's delightful dozen.Trying to get a serious photo outta the two yahoos on the left is next to impossible, lol, while McKayla smiles pretty.


PA_Shutterbug said...

Very pretty, colorful eggs. All three children looked like they had a great time. I wish you and yours a very happy, blessed Easter!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Jackie, OH---do I remember all of the days of doing that!!!!! I have such great memories of dying eggs --not just for me when I was young, but especially for my sons. SUCH FUN!!!

Great pictures...

Happy Easter!

MoziEsmé said...

What pretty eggs... And that last photo is classic! Glad they enjoyed it.