Wednesday, October 14, 2009


(This was taken verbatim from the website for Proof Positive)

"This video provides proof positive that the American people have inquiring minds...and as the saying goes, 'Inquiring minds want to know.' Watch as filmmaker Molotov Mitchell hits the streets to ask random citizens, 'Do you believe Barack Obama was born in the United States?' This is the video clip that you, your family, friends, co-workers, and ALL Americans absolutely need to see!

Don't let Barack Obama and the 'mainstream' media silence you. Invite your friends to sign the petition and join you in demanding the truth from the so-called 'transparency' president."

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Karin said...

Considering the fact that adoptive parents have to supply a certified birth certificate and get fingerprinted by the FBI to adopt, wouldn't you think every presidential candidate should as well?

Obviously, he is hiding something. So frustrating...