Saturday, January 2, 2010


Every year most of my family collects at my parents' home for the New Year's Day feeding. Well, almost every holiday my family collects at my parents' home for a feeding, lol. Okay, it doesn't even have to be a holiday, all right, but that's not the point of this post. The point is: I have more pictures, lol.

And without saying any more, even though I know you guys love to read me ramble, here they are!!

There are always a few in every crowd who just CANNOT wait until the food is served and that would be these two in this crowd. Two of my three brothers, Shawn and Chris, picking before we eat.The table before the 18 of us sat down to eat...And the table afterwards. And Amanda is not still praying, she's just having a bad camera moment!Our youngest attendee, Gavin, always smiles nice for the camera.My nephew Christopher just loves his new cousin, Ciara. Anyone for a smooch?Logan and Christopher...what a cute pair!Gavin and Ciara enjoying a little playtime in the ottoman/toy box while my nephew Jake looks on.My little egghead nephew Christopher tries to get in almost every photo you take and this time he beat me!McKayla was just minding her own business when these three decided to gang up on her, lol.Logan's Uncle Jay, Aunt Jamie and cousin Gavin, and her Granny Julie (not shown in this pic obviously) on her dad's side of the family joined our clan this year!Logie with her Granny.Ciara getting in on some of that Granny action. Ciara fondly refers to Julie and JuJu.My parents have two Boston Terriers, Hans and Greta, and every once in awhile someone runs across something they can't resist buying for them. This lovely ornament was courtesy of our good friend Kevin.And this terrier angel is for Billie, their previous dog that is now passed away. Billie was a good puppy.My middle brother Shawn and his two sons Jake and JoshMy youngest brother Chris with wife Amanda and two kids McKayla and ChristopherFour generations with the knucklehead with her tongue sticking out being our future!?! LOLPapa, Mama and CiaraGranny and CiaraLogan got the giggles when I tried to take a picture with her mommy...Then when I finally get a good smile from her...Leyna started! I wonder where she gets it from?I dunno what they were doing! This particular photo sessions went downhill from here, lolGranny showing her great granddaughter and granddaughter how to play.Logan kickin' back watching TV with her PappapRoger can only stand so much picture taking in one evening, lol. Awww, such a rough life!


Anonymous said...

It looks like the family had a great first day of the new year. I knew you had a large family, Jackie, but you don't realize just how large until you start looking at the pictures!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

What a crazy, wonderful family you have Jackie.. I'm sure there's alot of laughing going on when all of you get together.... How WONDERFUL...

Thanks for sharing.

Andy and Ana said...

How precious In God's site is your family Jackie:) Your table is so full of joy.Love how everyone is each other so close & hugging each other all the time,that's so great...going back for more look-see, ana & andy from 'Our Front Porch'.