Friday, November 7, 2008

Fall Fellowship 2008

Our congregation's annual Fall Fellowship was held Friday night (11-7-08). There were 19 of us in attendance, and even though the number was small we did have a good time with lots of activities and of course as always lots of good food. The night kicked off with a devotional by Randy M. He and the kids discussed anger and the scriptural way to deal with it. There was quite a lot of input from the kids and I think they were pretty interested in the subject as every one of them could probably think of situations they've gotten into because they let their anger get outta control. I imagine all of the adults could remember certain instances that they themselves got into also for the same reason!

Here we have Sandy, Betty, Marian and Bev overseeing things during the devotional, four women none of us want angry with us I'm sure!

Here are some of the older kids having some snacks and goofing
around. Poor McKayla is completely outnumbered!
Michael and Jake are playing charades re-enacting Abraham
getting ready to offer up Isaac as a sacrifice, with Graham and
Logan looking on wondering what in the world they're doing. Oh, yeah, all the kids love the guy (Randy) with the toys.
Jake takes the apple plunge! Now his brother Josh gives 'em apples a whirl!
But, woo hoo, look at which cousin got the apple!
Overall, Michael was the winner at bobbin' for apples
with a time of three seconds.
Going down the hall on the walls are all of our baby pictures
and here everyone is trying to guess who is who.
John, you got a little bit of chocolate right there on the
side of your mouth.
Evan made short work of his chocolate donut and chewed
his way to victory leaving the others in the dust.
Now, that right there, folks, is Collin and that is one BIG mouth!
Graham and Logan try their hand (er, mouth) at the
ole donut on a string game.
Anyone for a game of Bible Book Bingo?!?
The girls getting together for a family photo.
Mom, Me, McKayla and Logan.

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