Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving 11-27-08

Well, this Thanksgiving had a few bumps in the road. First off, we were supposed to spend it down in North Carolina with Roger's side of the family, and unfortunately after getting everything ready and packed Wednesday morning (and yes, we had everything in the car and were minutes from leaving), Roger finally realized that he was way too sick to make the trip, which probably would've taken us twice as long to get there with all the stops we were going to have to make, lol, and so within five minutes of finishing packing everything into the car, we turned right around and unpacked everything out of the car. Besides that, the weather was absolutely horrible, and since I didn't get my new car before we left {booooo}, we didn't have very good tires on the old one and that would've made the trip even more of a white knuckle experience. So Leyna, Logie and I went over to mom and dad's without Roger, to his relief, so he could be alone in peace and quiet for the day, and the remaining 11 of us had a fantastic meal (it really does taste better every year), and then had a little photo session afterwards which everyone just LOVED!! Josh, Jake, Christopher and Logan were on their best behavior. We all have so much to be thankful for and our family really has been blessed.

This is how Roger spent his Thanksgiving

What's left of the 2008 bird!

Since we had an extra seat, we invited Frosty to eat.

46th Thanksgiving together for Mom & Dad.

Shelley, Shawn, Jake and Josh

Chris and Christopher
Logan and Leyna

Nanny, Logan and Mommy

Granny, Logan, Nanny and Mommy

All the Girls!

And all the Boys!

Logan and her Granny Julie

We even invited some of our "special" friends.

And of course our Home Boys!

Leyna and her 3 cousins playing a little Candyland.

And that sweetheart Josh playing a game of Candyland with his littlest cousin Logan.

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