Monday, December 1, 2008


You know, over the years Wal-Mart in my opinion has gotten a pretty raw deal from us Americans. We all want the best product possible for the lowest price possible, yet.......Wal-Mart, who has given us exactly what we have asked for, has been blamed for the closings of lots of small businesses; maybe, maybe not. They've been blamed for gobbling up the market by offering lower prices; maybe, maybe not. They've been blamed for --- I even hate to use this word --- discriminating against women in their work force; maybe, maybe not. But tonight as I listened to the NYC news (which by the way Wal-Mart has yet to get me local channels), I once again am absolutely amazed at the idiocy of some human beings in this country. The NYC District Attorney actually held a press conference and suggested that the blame in the horrible tragedy that resulted in the death of a maintenance man was actually the fault of Wal-Mart because they didn't take the necessary steps to stop this from happening. WHAT????? That's like saying if I get in my car to go get groceries and some drunk driver crashes in to me and I'm killed, that it was my fault actually because I didn't take the necessary steps to stop it from happening, i.e., not leaving my house, or possibly driving around in an army tank, or maybe I should have gone to a fortune teller and then I would've known that that drunk driver was going to hit me and I could have avoided the whole situation. WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE???? Here's a novel idea. How about blaming the selfish, greedy mob that stormed the doors and then trampled that poor man to death? I'm sorry, people, but if we agree with the NYC DA (which I emphatically 100 percent not in a million years every will) what are we teaching our kids about personal responsibility? I'll tell you what we're teaching them. Don't worry, honey, you can do whatever you want 'cause we're just gonna blame Wal-Mart. Shoot me now!!! But, oh, wait, if you shoot me and you bought that gun at Wal-Mart............

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