Monday, December 8, 2008

Sledding on the Farm

Well, I guess winter is here to stay, and with it always comes sled riding. Now, I am never in any way, shape or form ever excited about being cold, so Roger gets the fun job of taking Logan sled riding all winter. He actually has just as much fun. This time he had a little company as my brother Chris and my neice and nephew, McKayla and Christopher, came over to the farm. We invited my other brother Shawn to come over with his boys, too, but since we're in the middle of football season, and the Steelers were playing this past Sunday afternoon, his choice was quite obvious and he and his boys opted to watch the game instead. Wise choice in my mind as it was only 18 degrees outside, but tropical like conditions where my sister-in-law Amanda and I were watching the sledders from the car, lol. Our five sledders didn't seem to mind the cold, though, and we heard lots of screaming and laughing going on outside. A funny thing about sled riding down a hill on the farm, I did hear my husband tell my brother that he needed to make sure he kept his sled from going to the left as Roger had recently spred some manure on that particular field at the bottom of the hill right before it snowed.

Roger and Logan surveying the hill before the first descent.

Woo Hoo!!!

Christopher and Logan starting one of many walks up the hill.

Chris and Roger striking a pose the one time I came outta the car to take some shots.

Christopher never slowed down a bit as McKayla and their dad trudge behind him.

Logan and her Pappy making the final walk of the day up the hill before calling it quits, until the next time of course!

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