Sunday, December 21, 2008

That's One Huge Tree!

So Roger, Logan and I go to get our tree today after worship. Leyna couldn't make it because she had to work. We were told by my sister-in-law's father that it was a good sized tree and based on the ones we have bought previous years he thought that we would like it. Well, it's a good sized tree all right, and you know they always look twice as big in your house as they do outside. This one was no exception. It's enormous. Roger thinks it's about 9 to 10 feet, and yes, I'll have to use that ladder you see there to decorate at least the top half of the thing. I'll post some pictures tomorrow night of the finished product. It should be spectacular. I'm guessing if I start at 9 AM, I should have it all done by say 5 or 6 PM, lol. I know you all will be anxiously awaiting the final unveiling so stay tuned until tomorrow night. Oh, by the way, notice the orange twine at the top of the tree. We had to tie it off to the two rafters to keep it upright, and when I say "we," I mean Roger tied and I supervised. The unfinished room the tree is in will someday be used as a family room, for now it's Logan's playroom, but it's the only room in the house that is high enough, lol.
This is Logan's miniature tree with all her Logan sized ornaments on it. You may recognize a few characters from Finding Nemo and Dora the Explorer intermingled with a variety of princess legends.Every year my mom gives her granddaughters the Holiday Barbie Dolls and these Holiday Barbie ornaments, and since Leyna is the oldest hers go back to 1993, so including this year's she will have 16 altogether. They're actually kinda too heavy for on the tree, so I started displaying them on this table.

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