Monday, December 22, 2008


Well, finally, with just two days before Christmas, I have finished decorating. Yep, I'm done, no more. And I must say I'm quite pleased with the way things turned out, and I am trying very, very hard not to think about all the stuff I have to put away, yet again, after the New Year. Leyna and Logan just finished minutes ago watching "The Polar Express," and now Logan and Roger are putting the train together that goes around the tree. See, I told you I was done! When asked what she wants for Christmas, for the last month Logan has been telling us about this horsey she's seen on TV {which I'm about to throw out the window}. You can ride it, feed it a carrot and its head moves to nuzzle you. It's what she THINKS she's getting, lol, but that sucker is $200 and it ain't happenin with this Santa. So at the table tonight, she once again "mentioned" about this horse. I told her that Santa may not bring her that horsey 'cause she has three real ones she can visit any time she wants at her Pappap and Granny's house. I really don't want to see her disappointed. She kinda worked it through that highly intelligent brain of hers - gratuitous nanny compliment - and just when we thought it had worked in our favor, she puts her little finger up and says, "Well, then he better bring me lots of other stuff." Yeah, like that's gonna happen! {wink wink}
Oh, no, I couldn't help myself...I got this one in Italy, hence the gondola.Yes, it's a dragon and there are six of them on my tree. I love dragons and I do believe they were real (ask me about it). We have an awesome God who created the whole universe, dragons were a piece of cake. Notice the ears. A young secret sister from Indiana, PA got this for me about 12 years ago. Like I said, doesn't everyone have a cow in their tree? This is one of the wooden ornaments my mom repainted for me. FELIZ NAVIDAD!

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