Saturday, May 22, 2010


We have three cats, Tipsy, Cinnamon and Teenie. Two of them (Tipsy and Cinnamon) are sisters born on August 24th, 1994 (my brother Jeff's birthday, that's how I remember it, lol). That will make them 16 years old this August. Their mother Lacy was also a pet of ours, but was hit and killed by a car when they were 6 months old. They were both born in the double wide trailer we lived in while my daughter Leyna and I watched. To look at Cinnamon you wouldn't think she was anywhere near 16 years old, she still jumps, runs up the steps two at a time and torments our dog Lulu. Tipsy on the other hand is a bit heavier and slower and sleeps most of the 24 hours in a day. She has a lump at the base of her spine that I ran my hand over last year and got bit by her for the first time ever since I've had her, but she still lumbers on, doesn't go up the stairs that often anymore and basically just sleeps on a blanket under my computer table. Logan and Ciara have been told that they can't pick her up and to generally just leave her alone as she's old and will probably not be with us that much longer. I left the room for a minute and when I came I found this...she was being so gentle with her.

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