Saturday, May 22, 2010


After we got home with Ciara in September of last year, I was taking her with me when I took Logan to her tap dance class. Ciara was only 2 1/2 at that time. The first class after we came back just happened to be an observation week so Ciara and I were actually in Logan's class watching her practice, and while I was holding her she mimicked everything that the girls in Logan's class were doing. While I was watching Logan, every one else was watching Ciara, lol. After that class, Logan's teacher asked me if I was going to put Ciara into tap and I told her that if she wanted to I would when she was old enough, which at the time was 4 years old. It just so happened, the teacher told me, that they just started a new class that was for the wee little ones. Ciara was very excited because she wanted to do everything here Jie Jie (Logan) was doing. The first couple classes she wanted me in with her the whole time, but after that she sailed through the fall and winter with flying colors to finally.....THE BIG SHOW!! And both girls did great and both acted like old pros! The theme was The Wonderful World of Disney!

Leyna and Logan at dress rehearsal the day before the show. I just love the look on Logan's face.Ciara not cooperating while getting her picture taken, but still looking cute.All dolled up the afternoon of the show and waiting to go on. Ciara's class was the 3rd act and Logan's was the 11th.Our beautiful Logan MayLogan's class performed to "Yes, Sir! That's My Baby."Logan was right smack in the middle!Ciara's class waiting in the wings. Only ten are actually sitting in this picture, but there were actually 17 that went on stage, lol. Brave teachers!Waiting backstage to go on!Ciara is the fifth one from the right, and also the smallest of the bunch, lol. Her class performed to "I'm A Little Teapot.""Tip me over and pour me out!"

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