Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Okay, so Ciara's birthday WAS April 1st and the party WAS April 3rd, and yes, I am still a little behind in my posting, but c'mon guys, can't I get points for at least TRYING to catch up here? I mean, seriously, having a five and three year old in the house is very time consuming and exhausting, lol.

Shonni and Karin, at this point you both can get up off the floor and quit your hyperventilating laughter. (For those who aren't familiar with these two amazing women, Shonni is the mother of...is it 11 now, Shonni? And Karin is the mother of 10.) And they're both about ready to smack me about now for whining, lol.

I'll shut up now, here's what you want to see anyways.

Just one more thing, hehehe, thanks to my great friend Teri for having the foresight to actually charge her camera before coming to the party, something Ciara's Mama forgot to do ;)

Okay, cue the pictures!

Now, remember, it is April 3rd. This garden is supposed to look pitiful.

Ciara just dives right in to this whole unwrapping gifts deal!

The queen crowning her newest princess!

One princess that's not so sure of her crown.

It sure doesn't take long to get used to, though!

Is that adoration of the $$$, or complete shock it's not a toy of some kind?

Cake! That's what I'm talkin' about!

Ciara loves Elmo!

Since the next day was Easter, we had "the hunt."

What? I found these all fair and square!

I'll just take my eggs and go now.

Logan with egg...er, I mean, chocolate all over her face!

My friend Teri's husband Tony and his youngest son Vincent, and Roger and Ciara getting ready for a hike up in the woods.

Vincent's older brother Anthony and Logan leading the way.

What a goofball!

The oldest two are my niece Lyndsey and nephew Shane (sorry we had to do that to you two), and then Anthony and Vincent, and Logan and Ciara.

My friend Teri with her two boys, Vincent and Anthony. Niece Lyndsey with her mom, my sister-in-law Kathy.

Me and Ciara

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Linda (PA_shutterbug) said...

What a great picture of you and Ciara. Actually, all of the pictures were nice! It looks like Ciara had a good birthday, and everyone liked the Easter egg hunt.