Thursday, May 6, 2010


What little girl doesn't like to play dress-up? Well, Logan and Ciara are no exception. At any given time of any given day one or both of them are either dressed up in a fairy costume or a Disney princess dress complete with shoes and accessories. You all remember how Ciara likes to accessorize; right? This one particular morning it was extremely warm outside and, well, they just couldn't help themselves! Luckily my absentmindedness with my camera did not kick in yet and I was able to snap a few of them frolicking around the house.

Hey, even Lulu got in on the fairy action. She had just been groomed the day before and she was lookin' good!

Logan striking yet another pose!

Have I told you all how thankful I am to our Awesome God for these little fairies lately?

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Anonymous said...

Both Logan and Ciara look so cute. Nice pictures!