Friday, February 20, 2009


Now, I do not profess to be a rocket scientist and I never did attend "I'm Smarter Than Any Human Alive University," but I do have somewhat of a brain and I may be smarter than the average bear. So when I read this headline on, "Experts Warn of 'Terminator'-Style Military Robot Rebellion,"I thought there had to be some kinda twist separate and apart from the obvious meaning of the title. So I hit the link and wahla no twist, the article is exactly about what the title describes. You can't make this stuff up!

Our own U.S. Navy, who under normal circumstances I have the highest respect for, under the division of the Office of Naval Research actually are saying that they believe that robots at some point will start thinking on their own because {let me get this right} teams of programmers have written millions of lines of military code and each does not know what the other has written thereby somehow "creating" (and that's what they'd be doing if these robots suddenly started thinking for themselves) possibly machines that can override and think above and beyond what they've been programmed to do.


Now, you all remember the big scare that started around the end of 1998, the big Y2K scare? How many of you went out and bought generators or added just a little bit more to your pantrys? Come on, you know you did! Well, I never bought into that one either. I couldn't fathom that these intelligent people who had written all these programs would actually allow two little bitty zeroes to bring down our nation's defense system and every other computer based operation in the world, AND that they actually didn't notice until a few years before the year 2000 that it was going to cause all this mass destruction. But do you know how much money was spent by consumers preparing and stocking up? $100 billion. $100 billion. I'll say it again...$100 billion.

So please, please, please don't be afraid that robots are going to start thinking on their own and "come to life" and realize that we humans are insignificant and need to be destroyed. And please don't think you now need to install huge lead lined pits of molten steel or lava or whatever else you can think of that would be hot enough to kill these robots. Because as any SciFi aficianado would know, ultimately that is what destroyed the "Terminator."

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Aw Shucks, Jackie.... Although I haven't heard this one YET---I was hoping to have a robot come and clean my house for me, cook dinner, and even sit outside in the cold trying to get some good bird pictures. Ya think?????? Hogwash!