Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Yeah, it says "LAST YEAR." I know, it's a year later and clearly there has been sled riding this year, but I just loaded the software that enabled me to get the pictures outta my Blackberry, lol. When I got the thing which was in Feb "LAST YEAR," I thought you just had to connect the cord to the computer and walah, the pics load like with your camera. WRONG!!! Then a couple months later I realized you had to install the disk that came with the phone to upload the pics, which of course by then I couldn't find. Well, today I happened to look over, you know, where I keep all the other disks that I have, and there it was, just like that, it's installed. So here are some pictures taken on February 23, 2008, of Logan's first experience sled riding on the farm.
Logan and her mommy!
Logan and her Pappy! Back up the hill. WOO HOO!!! Nanny, Pappy and Logan (and yes, those are pajamas I'm wearing, don't ask) A little snow snack before heading home. Logan is so tired she needed to be hauled out on the sled stretcher, lol

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh Jackie, This is just too cute!!!! Logan wasn't too sure about all of that, was she???? I'm sure her Nanny loved every minute of it---even with her jammies on!!!!! ha ha

Thanks for sharing. NOW---do it again in 2009 and show them again.