Wednesday, February 25, 2009


This afternoon I decided to take Logan outside and go for a walk. Three things: I hardly ever walk just because, I couldn't have picked a colder day to venture out, and I am seriously outta shape and need to do more walking, lol (Note to self).

Anyways, we went for the walk following the tractor path Roger takes around one of the fields to get round bales or to spread manure on another field. It took about 45 minutes and we didn't run into any trouble except for one small episode.

On the way down we had to cross over this little gulley to get to the other field and since we have lots of snow, neither one of us had any problems walking on the snow, i.e., we didn't sink into the gulley. On the way back was a totally different experience. I went first and attempted to retrace our steps from the first cross. My one leg goes through and I'm up to my hip in snow, lol. I crawl out.

Now it's Logan's turn. I figured if she kinda hugged the fenceline she'd be okay so I told her to just circle wide, where she had previously been standing looking at the little stream that runs through our property with no problems. That didn't quite work out the way I planned it, lol. She took a couple steps and I thought she was home free...WRONG!!! Both her legs go through and she's up to her waist in snow, and boy does that kid have a set of lungs on her, she screamed so loud!!

After I pulled her outta the snow, I thought we were going to have a good laugh about the whole ordeal...WRONG AGAIN!! She was in no laughing mood. It really scared her. She said she was afraid the woodchucks were going to bite her tooders (that's what we call her toes, lol, pronounced like the word should). And then her pants were wet and she got cold, and then her legs were hurting from all that walking, and then her nose started running from crying, and then her cheeks started burning from the tears, and then...well, you get the picture. It was all downhill from there, but it was nice while it lasted.

Unfortunately, I did not get any pictures of Logan stuck in the snow, although I would've loved to, she would've thought it was funny later on, because I didn't have a camera card in and my internal memory was full, but I did manage to get a few pictures on our walk down the path.

This photo has Vale, Colorado written all over it, lol


Betsy from Tennessee said...

OH Jackie---Poor little girl!!! You are just abusing her SO much!!! ha ha.... The good news is that that wolk is something Logan will remember FOREVER.

Cute post.

Anonymous said...

I bet this was a walk that Jackie won't forget anytime soon either!