Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I have been sitting at my computer for the last two or three hours editing yet another transcript of yet another car accident where yet two more attorneys were arguing back and forth their respective clients' positions, blah, blah, blah, thinking what a yucky day it is outside, not really sunny, not really anything, just blah.....


Our God is an awesome God, and he has kept Ciara safe and healthy until her Mommy and Daddy can come and get her. Would you just look at that face!?! I've kissed a lot of puffy cheekers in my day, most recently Logan May's and her cousin Christopher's, but these are two puffy cheekers I think about kissing constantly and probably won't stop kissing...EVER!!!


Jaclyn said...

Aaaah adorable Jackie! It's the best isn't it! She is so beautiful! Did you use ladybugsnlove?

Anonymous said...

What an adorable photograph of Ciara!

As I looked at the photograph of Ciara and read the part of your blog after you opened up the email, it reminded me of the feeling I had whenever we awaited the arrival of an exchange student. I looked back in my journal to an entry 5 days prior to the date our last exchange student arrived at our home. Here is what I wrote:

"Sung Won will arrive in approximately 5 days and 14 hours! I am feeling happy, anxious, impatient, excited, nervous. I think having an exchange student is a lot like having a baby. First you think that you might be pregnant. This is when you think you have found an application of a student you might want to host. Then you are "pregnant" when you receive word that you will have the student and even get a possible delivery date. Just like being pregnant, you wait for the time of delivery. Will the student arrive on time or not. Then it is time. You go to the "delivery room", the airport, and wait and wait. You student is delivered! You drive home with your new one and you are so excited. Then everyone smiles at the new one as you pass the student around for everyone to meet."

I can imagine that you are feeling very much the same way waiting for Ciara, as I felt waiting the arrival of an exchange student.

Stacey said...

Beautiful puffy kissable cheeks!!!!!! Very Happy for you both!