Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Day at the Zoo!

Ciara woke up today and was a little weepy for most of the morning. She didn't eat much for breakfast or lunch and I thought maybe she was getting sick, but then I realized that she was just homesick for the only home she's know since she was two months old. She wanted to be held practically all day and her thumb was in her mouth a lot more than usual. I thought we were going to end up just staying in our hotel room the entire day, which she really doesn't like either, but she snapped out of it after her afternoon nap. It is amazing what these kids have to process and then deal with and learn to accept in a very short time, things that would take adults months to unravel I think if they were going through the same thing. But snap out of it she did and then the four of us (Zhou, Mom, Ciara and I) took a taxi and headed out to the Hefei Zoo. It was very nice and quite big, it took us two hours to walk the whole way around it. Ciara saw maybe for the first time giraffes, deer, zebras, leopards, two hippopotamus, and peacocks, and many more. She has a thing about birds, she's afraid of them and yells at them I'm assuming to stay away. She had to warm up to the deer that followed us for a bit, but finally stood still long enough for it to come right up to us and start chewing on my mom's pant leg, lol. She wanted to be held most of the time, but these arms can't hold a child very long that hasn't learned how to use their thigh muscles to hold onto you. The Chinese just don't carry their kids on their hips, they carry them in front of them, at least the ones that I've seen, so it's like carrying dead weight. So Zhou carried her a lot of the time, and she just loves him. He talks and sings to her in Chinese, and she just lights up when she sees him every day. It was nice to see that she still kept an eye out for where I was most of the day, and she's now calling me Mama :)

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