Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Leyna was doing her nails today and of course the girls wanted theirs done, too, and since it was I'm sure Ciara's first foray into the world of polishing her tootsies, Logan had to show her how it was done and I had to document it with a photo.

After the salon session, Leyna took Logan to her swimming lessons at the YMCA, which Ciara would love to join in on but is still too young yet. While she waited for Logan to get back, Ciara watched a little TV, played with her new bear she got from the Mathenys, and then she decided to goof around with Mama by playing the 'ole hiding under the blanket routine, and of course I just happened to have my camera handy!

Check out those newly painted fingernails!!I'd say she's relaxed and adjusting quite well, lol!

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Linda (PA_shutterbug) said...

Yes, Ciara looks quite relaxed in that chair :-) I enjoyed all the pictures.