Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Why I Lost Weight in China

Normally I can throw back food with the best of 'em, but while in China food has become a major issue. For me there's just nothin' I can really say I've gone hmmmmm, that's good. I didn't like Chinese cuisine before I got here and I certainly am not going to eat it now, especially after today's little foray into the open Cantonese market. Can you all say ewwwww?? The odds of ever being stranded on a deserted island where we would ever have to eat any these yummies are about nil to zero, so in my way of thinking WHY WOULD YOU EAT THIS STUFF WHEN THERE'S OTHER THINGS AVAILABLE????? I mean, come on. There's a gazillion dogs and cats running around here, they would taste better than this stuff! Oh, and I was told by Zhou, our agency's China Program Coordinator, who is Chinese that the Cantonese eat anything and everything, and now I believe him, lol. And the so called American restaurants just don't get it right either, nothing really tastes the same as it does in the good ole USA. McDonald's does not taste like McDonald's, Papa John's does not taste like Papa John's and Subway does not taste like Subway. I know, I tried them all, it ain't the same thing! Anyhow...I hope you enjoy this little peek into the open market. Oh, yeah, to really appreciate it, you not only have to see it, but you have to smell it, and on that you'll just have to take my word for it, it smells exactly like it looks...YUCKY!

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hope you are HOME and enjoying introducing Ciera to the family, and friends. I'm SO happy for you, Jackie.

I would lose weight in China also. George says that when he was there, he never asked what he was eating.. GAG--I couldn't do that.

Keep us posted when you have a chance.