Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Okay, the moment we've all been waiting for! Watch the video below of Ciara picking the winner of my FIRST EVER GIVEAWAY! Excuse the jammies, but since Mama is on a temporary vacation from working, hehehe, we don't get dressed around here at least until after noon, lol!

(Psst. Turn off the music at the bottom of the blog before you play the video.)


SO.....JACLYN is the winner of my giveaway!

And what is the prize you ask?

Wwweeellllll....the prize is: Four beautiful Chineses silk scrolls depicting the four seasons. My mom found these in a little store while we were in Guangzhou and I knew they were the perfect prize for my giveaway. I hope you enjoy them, Jaclyn!

Jaclyn and I have become good bloggy friends because both of our daughters are from the same SWI in China, Hefei in the province of Anhui. In fact, Ciara and Jemma are close to the same age, were in the same classroom and knew each other quite well. I say that in the past tense because obviously Ciara is home, but Jemma is still waiting for her mommy and daddy to come and get her. Not through any fault of Jaclyn and her husband, but that's how the process works. Believe me, they would be on the next flight over there to get their sweet little Jemma if they could :) I got to meet Jemma and took lots of pictures of her when we visited the orphanage a couple weeks ago, she's a doll!

I'd ask that you all pray that all red tape be cut as quickly as possible and that Jemma be home sooner than expected!! Jaclyn and her husband and kids live in Charlotte, NC which happens to be where my husband's mother, two sisters and their families and his brother and his family all live. We get down there about once a year and hopefully we will be visiting with Jaclyn's family during those times as well. Ciara and Jemma have so much up to this point in common and both families want and need to keep in touch.


Deb Murphree/Alabama Politics said...

Hi Jackie...I promised to get over to your blog, and here I am. I have been suffering from a herniated disc, so it has taken me a little while, due to trying to get things around the house done, work, and keep up with my own blog LOL...So, you adopted a child from China? That's wonderful! I was adopted myself, and love my adopted daddy so much. He is elderly now, and I try to keep an eye on him and call him every day. My adopted mother passed away in 2005. I found my biological family years ago, after I moved to Alabama. They live in Virginia, and my biological father lives in Fla. I have a brother and sister who live in Tennessee. One sister passed away 2 weeks before I found the Tennessee family members. I found an uncle in Ohio. I am crazy about my uncle Charlie. He is Indian, as well as most of my family members. He is registered with a tribe. Sometime I'm going to make a post about Uncle Charlie and Aunt Martha. Well, just wanted to pop in and say hello. I hope you will visit again :) Deb

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Congrats to the winner, Jackie. I think I have told you that my hubby spent some time teaching in China. Anyhow--we have some Chinese art and pictures hanging in our bedroom...SO neat!!!

Great picture of Ciera... She's a cutie.