Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Off to Guangzhou

We left Hefei Friday and are now in Guangzhou and what a big difference. Hefei was hectic, crowded and noisy. Guangzhou is not, lol. It's peaceful and green, really laid back (big sigh). And we are going to have a great time shopping here! I can say that outloud because I know Roger isn't going to be reading these posts, lol. Yesterday morning the girls had their medical appointments. There were a few tears, but all in all it went well. The doctor heard a slight murmur when she listened to Ciara's heart but that is normal with a VSD and they didn't seem too concerned about it. When we have her examined back home we'll know more, but she seems very healthy and I hadn't actually thought about her heart until the exam yesterday, lol. This morning we all went to the Guangzhou Zoo and I finally got Ciara to ride in a stroller. Up to this point she either wanted to walk herself, which was perfectly fine, OR she wanted to be carried, which is okay for a little bit, but exhausting and it is really hot here. But the ole girl finally relented after multiple tests runs in our hotel room with her and her new doll, lol. She loves the zoo and every animal she saw she'd yell out a big "WOW!" The rest of the time she was just singing away while her new maid pushed her around the park and gave her a drink every once in a while, lol. This is NOT a quiet child. The first picture is of Ciara and Zhou waiting in the airport for our flight to Guangzhou. I'm thinking she's really going to miss him when we go back home. Oh, well, more trips to Cleveland I guess, lol. The rest are of where we got the medical exams, a photo from last night's walk in Guangzhou and then a few from the zoo.

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