Monday, August 24, 2009


I called our agency today, and all is well with our paperwork!! USCIS got our paperwork when I sent it, but just hadn't I guess gotten around to sending whatever it was they needed to send to the appropriate agencies so we could get Ciara's Visa to return home once we're in China. Now, I realize they don't have any stake in this adoption, but for cryin' outloud...SEND THE DOCUMENTS ALREADY!!! Which apparently they are going to and everything will arrive on time.

A big thank you to all of those who were praying for this to resolve quickly...IT DID!! I don't believe that Our Father micro manages every little decision we make or every little thing that happens minute by minute, but being the all knowing and all seeing God that He is, I do believe He has a counter move for every mistake we make or bump in the road we run into along the way, a counter move that ultimately works out His will in everything, and for that I am indeed very thankful. I would much rather He be in control than any government agency!!


Anonymous said...

Have a safe trip. And thank you for sharing a very special time in your life. Big Congratulations!
Deb ( Texas)

Karin said...

THANK YOU, JESUS!!!!! So glad everything is okay and that you can get on that plane tomorrow!! :)