Monday, August 10, 2009


These five photos were just posted in a group that I belong to. They were posted by a family who were just in China who got to take some pictures inside the orphanage. This was an absolutely fantastic surprise as China wasn't letting people visit the orphanages as of late because of the Swine Flu scare. Isn't Ciara just adorable? Again, look at those cheeks!! She is the one in the green outfit. In fact, we sent her that outfit a couple months ago along with some others. Roger noticed that her shoes that we also sent were on the wrong feet so she's going to fit in with this family just fine! lol Only 16 more days until China and 20 days until I finally get to hold this precious little girl and kiss those puffer cheekers, lol
My new bloggy friend Jaclyn and soon-to-be mother to another Hefei girl like Ciara was actually the one who emailed me this morning and told me about these pictures. So, Jaclyn, thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I'm really hoping I get to take some pictures of her daughter while I'm there, I know her mommy is very anxious to see some updates on her little girl.


Anonymous said...

Adorable, yes!

Stacey said...

She is just beautiful Jack. I will be praying for a safe trip to and from China for you and your mom. I am sure she will fit right in.

Shonni said...

How wonderful to get to see her! I know that it makes you long to hold her all the more!
I can't wait to hold my newest son and we still don't know when that will be! sigh

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh how adorable, Jackie... Getting excited???? (Silly question!)

Check my blogs (yesterday's and today's). I wrote 'my' story..

Karin said...

She is absolutely ADORABLE! Oh my goodness...just squeezable!! Can't wait until she's in your arms! Are you all packed yet? :)))