Monday, August 31, 2009

Ciara's First Day!

Well, we did it! We got Ciara at around 9:45 AM! And let me tell you this girl has a set of lungs, lol, she screamed and pushed and if she could have I'm sure she would have kicked, too, but in the end she calmed down using some comfort food, lol, that's my girl, and then rather peacefully took a two hour nap. It kinda started all over again when she woke up, but was over much quicker and less dramatic, and now it's like she's known us all along with hardly any tears. She ate what I consider to be an enormous amount of food at supper tonight and once again went to sleep tonight without any fuss at all.

She is definitely used to doing things on her own and is not quick to accept any kind of assitance doing anything so far. When she needs you to help her, you can tell by the look on her face that she doesn't like it one bit, lol. Even in the short amount of time I've had her, 12 hours, she has improved quite a bit and hopefully tomorrow will see even more acceptance for her, too!

On a side note, we had to go buy her some clothes this afternoon, because it's a lot cooler here than I anticipated and I never thought in a million years she would be this small. You'll never guess where we went........WALMART! Pretty much the same as ours, but, well, everything was in Chinese!!! lol

My family has been given an unbelievable gift this morning, and we intend to thank Our Father daily for her! We hope you'll continue to keep us in your thoughts and prayers while Ciara adjusts to her new life and her new family.


Jaclyn said...

Jackie, she is soooo beautiful! I'm so glad she is moving in the right direction with you guys and hopefully in a few days she'll know nothing else than being with her Mama:)

Hope today goes smoothly:)

Anonymous said...

She is gorgeous!! Enjoy every minute you are there! I'm loving following your journey!