Sunday, August 30, 2009

We Climbed the Great Wall of China!

Today my mom and I climbed the Great Wall of China! Before we even started we figured we'd just go as far as we could and if we had to turn around (which we really thought we would), then so be it, we'd turn around. But we didn't! We climbed straight to the top and then came right back down. And although the ascent up was a grueling, lung exploding, heart beating way faster than it should experience, coming down was no piece of cake either. You're abusing a completely different set of muscles on the way down than what you abused on the way up, and everyone's legs were literally shaking by the time we reached the bottom. After the Great Wall we went to an acrobatics show, which was nice, but quite frankly, I was so exhausted (along with a few others) that I really couldn't enjoy it as much. All I kept thinking was that I've got to get to sleep some time before I meet my daughter, lol, because that is the main reason I'm here. Tomorrow afternoon all five families will fly to their individual daughters' province so we'll be separated for four days until we all meet up again in Guangzhou on September 4th. It's just about time! I hope you enjoy the photos.


Linda (PA_shutterbug) said...

GREAT photographs! Wow, you climbed the Great Wall of China.

Maria said...

I'm on pins and needles waiting for photos!!!!!